It really does need to be green – properly bright green!! I know some of you used some other colors in the last project, but works best.

There are MANY Different ways to make a green screen.

Yes, they are available online from places like Amazon – you can buy all sorts of sizes and even some with stands!

But there are some DIY alternatives and here they are!

1. Craft or construction paper – if you have a plain wall and you’re allowed to blue-tak stuff to it you can stick up sheets of green paper or card, making sure you overlap the edges a little and keep all the “pages” very flat. This works quite well.

2. A plastic table cloth – a cheap solution, light weight and smooth. It could be very reflective though and if the green color is reflected on you or your cello those bits of you will “disappear” just like your background in the final video.

A green cloth of some sort eg curtain, table cloth, bed sheet, large sheet of material/fabric etc – this is a slightly more expensive option, depending on what you can get, but is very easy to set up and store away, and works well. Creases can be difficult, and if you hate ironing like me you might want to hang it for a while!! The smoother the surface is, the better the final result will be. It is a fairly forgiving process, but a crinkle is a potential shadow, and a shadow will be visible as a strange floating or even “twinkling” shape, which will detract from your final video and may limit what Tony can do. These sorts of cloths and materials can be heavy too, so you may need some clips or a pole to wrap it around at the top and a method of hanging it. Some weights at the bottom can also help with hanging it straight and preventing sagging – I have found that two small fridge magnets, one on each side of the fabric, stuck together at various intervals along the lower edge works quite well.

3.  Paint.  If you walk into a paint store with this Hexadecimal number, "00b140" you should be able to get a gallon of mixed green paint for your permanent green screen.

Using your green screen

If you have the space and can light your green screen as well as yourself, then please do this. Most of us won’t be able to though. Therefore the best thing to do is to be facing a window, with lots of diffuse light coming in. What you definitely don’t want is bright, hard, direct light on you, such as a spot light, or bright sunshine, as it will cast a shadow on your green background and this will not disappear properly and will make you look a bit strange. So take some test clips and make sure you’re not casting a shadow.

If you are able to record separate audio and video, you could move your video device further away from you to take a wider angle, and maybe even film in landscape mode, which will enable you to have your full bow arm in the frame, for example. For many of us though we will be limited in space and size of green screen, so don’t worry if you can’t do this! If you are recording both audio and video on the same device, please record with your device close to you and frame the video in portrait mode (as in previous projects) to enable you to submit a better audio quality. This is perfectly fine!

Remember to not wear any green clothing or have green accessories!! If you wear the same color as your background you will disappear just like your background!!