iOS Instructions

1. select your video in Photos/camera roll

2. click the SHARE icon

3. scroll down and select “Save to Files”

4. Click on the title of the video and rename it to the formatting

<PARTNUMBER FIRST LAST> format (like 3 Tony Rogers.mp4)

5. save to “On My iPhone”

THEN, when you click “SELECT FILES FROM YOUR COMPUTER” on your iphone to upload

“Choose Files” (not “Camera Roll”) and choose your video

MAKE SURE you input your Name and use the Email you registered with

Please rename your file in the format   [Part# Firstname Lastname]

 “1 Tony Rogers”

 “6 Rowan Bendall"

AND If you swapped for Trepak (only!!)    [Part# T TrepakPart# Firstname Lastname]

 “2 T 3 Steven Isserlis” (where he played 2 for the first three and 3 for Trepak)